10 Unpopular Opinions About The Ninth Doctor (According To Reddit)

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Fans of Doctor Who always have plenty to say about the show, and Reddit is a good place to look for unpopular opinions you might not find elsewhere. Whether viewers are a fan of Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor or not, debate amongst Whovians is always welcome. RELATED: 10 Classic Doctor Who […]

Fans of Doctor Who always have plenty to say about the show, and Reddit is a good place to look for unpopular opinions you might not find elsewhere. Whether viewers are a fan of Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor or not, debate amongst Whovians is always welcome.

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Debates include details about the Ninth Doctor as a character, his episodes, and Eccleston’s short tenure in the 2005 reboot series. But even though he was around for just one season, this Doctor was “fantastic” enough to leave an impression on fans decades later.

All The Ninth Doctor Did Was Regenerate

Ninth Doctor

In r/DoctorWho user Usagizero says, “Every other new Doctor has had multiple seasons, and it would have been great to see his character grow and change, instead of just regenerating.” However, in the same thread, fans talk about Nine’s character development across the season and how great they thought it was.


Because of the arc he had, it’s clear Nine did grow and change, even if he had less time to do it than other Doctors. Nine started by thinking of the death of his planet, as he mentions in one of the Ninth Doctor’s most memorable quotes. He goes from a war-weary Doctor to one who begins to hope again. But he also brought fans back to the world of Doctor Who, and his early regeneration was huge in introducing new viewers to that concept.

Eccleston Wasn’t Right For The Role

In Doctor Who focussed subreddit r/gallifrey, Atticdoor says, “In retrospect, I’m not sure Christopher Eccleston was quite right for the role. He did do it very well, but he was a dramatic actor playing a role which is more a comedy-drama role than a drama role.”

The number of fans in the thread saying how great they thought Eccleston was demonstrates how much of an unpopular opinion this is. Besides that, being a dramatic actor actually lends a lot to the Doctor, as the stories, and the character himself, have plenty of drama to them. This was especially true of Nine who went through the series dealing with a silent sadness about the death of his home planet. Eccleston also handled the comedic aspects perfectly, delivering some of Nine’s best moments with the humor needed, like his dinner with Slitheen Margaret.

There’s No Redemption In The Ninth Doctor’s Season

Fan EstherHarshom made a post in re/gallifrey saying, “It’s one of the most glaring problems in Series One: there’s no such thing as a redemptive arc. By and large, the villains are mustache-twirling archetypes that can only ever be mustache-twirling archetypes.”

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While the Reddit users is right in saying that the villains of the season don’t really find redemption, there’s still a huge redemptive arc, and that belongs to the Ninth Doctor. The post this comment came from was about how mean-spirited Nine could be throughout the season. But this was a Doctor with trauma and, by his regeneration at the end of the season, he seems to have come around and worked through his issues to reveal a softer side. This shows some redemption for him.

The CGI Is A Turn-Off For The Ninth Doctor’s Episodes

In subreddit r/doctorwho GallbladderGone says, “The problem I had with the Ninth Doctor wasn’t the actor playing the Doctor, it was rather some of the CG effects of that series that put me off the show.” This comment only received one upvote, demonstrating that it’s not an opinion held by many fans.

Redditors point out that the season was made in 2005, the budget wasn’t that big for the show, the CGI was mostly on par with other sci-fi shows at the time, and the Tenth Doctor’s seasons had similar CGI. The effects may not be anyone’s favorite, but it doesn’t seem anyone else really stayed away because of them.

The Ninth Doctor Doesn’t Show Any Rage

User Longbow6625 says of Nine, “We never see the darkness inside of the Doctor, the rage that he holds inside.” In response, NextStopGallifrey replies, “Nine is plenty dark. It’s just not as easily noticed because ‘happy’ Nine and ‘angry/dark’ Nine aren’t all that different in personality. Having just been through the Time War, Nine is a dark Doctor who is still trying to come to terms with what happened.”

NextStopGallifrey lists many moments that show Nine’s rage, such as when he came close to shooting Rose in order to shoot the Dalek, when he shows Rose the end of the world, or when he threatens to have a character boiled in vinegar. These moments are among the worst things the Ninth Doctor did. Nine is haunted by the Time War, and his rage stands out throughout his season.

The Ninth Doctor And Rose Are Just Okay Together

Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston Rose Tyler Billie Piper Doctor Who

In r/DoctorWho Dr_Cptn_Blackman talks about how great Nine, Rose, and Jack are together. An anonymous user responds, “Oh yay, someone who agrees with me… I’m only OK with Nine/Rose, but Jack changed the dynamic up a lot to a point I liked.” Dr_Cptn_Blackman simply responds, “Well, OK, I don’t actually agree with you at all it seems… I love Nine/Rose.”

Nine and Rose were the Doctor/companion duo that kicked off the new show. Fans enjoyed Nine, and they love Rose, so saying that the two together are just “okay” doesn’t really add up. In the ensuing conversation, more people agree with Dr_Cptn_Blackman. Fans prove to the anonymous user that they find the Ninth Doctor and Rose more than just “okay.” In one of his best moments, the Ninth Doctor himself wishes Rose a good life, and their great partnership and strong bond are evident throughout the series.

The Ninth Doctor Was Better Off Not Being In The 50th Anniversary

Doctor Who Day of the Doctor

This is in response to fans saying it would’ve been great for Christopher Eccleston to reprise his role as the Ninth Doctor in the show’s 50th-anniversary episode, Redditor Crystalraven says, “I don’t think 9 would have gelled in the 50th actually.” Eccleston was asked to return for the episode in 2013, but he declined.

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This is an unpopular opinion because fans overwhelmingly seem to wish the Ninth Doctor had appeared in the special. If he had, all three modern Doctors (up to that point) would have starred. Unfortunately, fans have to make do with one scene that used archive footage to have all of the Doctors appear together.

The Ninth Doctor Doesn’t Deserve Love Because He Lasted One Season

Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor Who

In r/DoctorWho an anonymous user writes, “So 9 was a one and done season, and I think people vilify him over it. People can’t imagine an actor not wanting to be type-casted on a sci-fi show… Mr. Eccleston has no interest to reappear, so it’s [like] if 9 don’t want the fans…the fans don’t like 9.”

Many fans pointed out that Eccleston loved playing the Doctor, it was just behind-the-scenes situations that made him want to step down. Another anonymous user says of the initial opinion, “That’s a very strange standard to hold any actor to.” The amount of support fans show Nine on Reddit proves that they think he is deserving of love. In recent years, Eccleston has also started doing conventions to show and tell fans how much he actually loved the role.

The Ninth Doctor Can Be Skipped

Jo Joyner as Lynda and Christopher Eccleston as Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who

This opinion is so unpopular that there isn’t an example of a user saying it directly, but rather other users saying that it’s been said. Talking about why some people think they can skip the Ninth Doctor, 1Eliza says, “Some people just can’t handle the cheesiness of the first series. Series One starts out rough with the plastic Mickey. The next two episodes are great…then, you get to the two episodes with the farting aliens.”

Besides the fact that many fans say they would never skip a Doctor, Nine’s episodes actually establish a lot of important elements for the newer series. This includes the Tardis, companions, Daleks, and regeneration. There’s also the heart the Doctor had for others, as seen in perhaps the best Ninth Doctor episode, “The Empty Child.”

Most People Don’t Care For The Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor in his Tardis in Doctor Who

In “Doctor Who,” LokianEule simply says of the Ninth Doctor, “Most people don’t care for him.” This immediately proves to be unpopular, as MtHammer quickly responds, “I don’t know how the entire fan base feels about Eccleston’s Doctor, but here on this sub I haven’t seen anything to suggest that most people don’t care for him. I wouldn’t even say many people don’t care for him. Whenever 9 is brought up around here, people seem to praise the character but bemoan the lackluster quality of several of his early episodes.”

Multiple Reddit threads show love and support for Nine. So that would indeed suggest that people do care for him. While his episodes aren’t usually listed among the favorites, fans love what Eccleston did with the character. This is especially true considering he was the first new Doctor in 9 years.

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