How to keep your child’s teeth safe in custom sports?

What is your opinion on sports? Do you think sports are the best way to keep kids active and healthy?

Sports help children develop their motor skills, work together, and develop their work ethic. Experiencing sports activities provides numerous benefits for children. However, it can also be harmful to one’s dental health.

As a parent, if you wish to protect your child from injury, it is best to use custom sports mouthguards. In this blog, we will discuss mouthguards and how to keep your child’s teeth in good condition.

Let us begin.

Types of riskiest sports kids love to play

Just because a sport is marked as risky doesn’t mean your child should avoid it. However, driving a car is risky, but we do it every day. Taking the proper precautions to protect their teeth is the best way to protect them from unfavorable situations.

Sports that can cause mouth and teeth injuries:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Skateboarding
  • Boxing, Wrestling, and Martial Arts
  • Hockey

Make sure to provide your children with the necessary mouth protection.

How to protect a child’s teeth?

Provide a Mouth Guard

Injuries can also happen in sports. Children who are wearing mouthguards are less likely to become injured. Mouth guards are flexible and fit over the upper teeth well. You can purchase sports mouthguards at sporting goods stores. Also, remember to replace your child’s mouthguard each season.

Encourage using of a Helmet

Helmets are also a smart choice in sports such as cycling, horseback riding, and ice skating. Teach your child the significance of wearing a helmet. It is essential to wear a helmet while playing, as unfavorable circumstances can arise.

Minimize the Use of Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are high in sugar. That can put the teeth at risk for decay and cavities. Except for the most strenuous workouts, your child can rehydrate with water. Don’t force or push kids to drink sports drinks. These drinks are bad for your teeth and oral health. However, if your kids occasionally drink sports drinks, make sure they rinse their mouths out with a sip of water afterward.


As a parent, it is essential to preserve your child’s oral health. But protecting kids’ oral health doesn’t mean you should stop them from participating in any sport. Encourage them to participate, as sports are good activities and also good for their health.

However, for more protection, you can inform your dentist about your kids playing sports and take their advice for managing dental health. You can also talk to your dentist about a custom sports mouth guard for your child to give some extra care for the teeth.

This article is reproduced with kind permission from Cleveland Orthodontics, a dental practice based in Teesside

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