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LEBANON, Pa. — What is your beloved herb? On Nov. 1, four grasp gardeners, who are element of Lebanon County’s Penn Point out Extension Amateur Herbalist committee, talked about their top rated-10 listing of preferred herbs at an Novice Herbalist event. Some of their option herbs are familiar standbys for […]

LEBANON, Pa. — What is your beloved herb?

On Nov. 1, four grasp gardeners, who are element of Lebanon County’s Penn Point out Extension Amateur Herbalist committee, talked about their top rated-10 listing of preferred herbs at an Novice Herbalist event. Some of their option herbs are familiar standbys for food items flavoring or scented goods, whilst many others are lesser-recognized. Amongst them were multi-tasking herbs that not only star in the kitchen, but also convey belongings to a garden, these types of as pest regulate and pollinator friendliness.

According to, an herb is normally a seed-bearing plant, shrub or tree with savory or aromatic properties, applied for flavoring and garnishing food items, for medicinal applications or for fragrances. The use of herbs dates back a lot of generations, so there is a prosperity of awareness about most herbs, as effectively as a substantial variety of herbs from which to pick favorites.

Marty Boltz wears a tartan plaid scarf as he talks about how historic Celtic warriors drank borage wine for braveness in advance of going into battle.


Gardener Marty Boltz kicked off the method by displaying a pot overflowing with his preferred herb — borage, also acknowledged as star flower, bee bush or bee bread. Borage has a status courting back again to Celtic warriors, he stated, who drank borage wine to give them braveness right before likely into struggle. He favors borage for other motives, nevertheless, these types of as its showy 5-pointed blue bouquets, which make a really garnish on a plate or which can be frozen within an ice dice to incorporate a festive contact to drinks. They bloom from May to Oct.

Boltz also appreciates that borage is a self-seeding hardy annual that attracts pollinators, specially bumble bees and honey bees. This tends to make borage the best companion plant for tomatoes, strawberries and squash. He mingles borage among the his tomato plants to aid pollination.

Marty is also a supporter of lovage, a perennial herb that is pollinator welcoming, attracting tons of native bees, and serving as a host for black swallowtail and anise swallowtail butterflies. Lovage has a parsley-like visual appearance, but channels a celery-like flavor suited for adding to soups, salads, sauces, breads and even vinegars. Following its bouquets complete their bloom cycle, lovage’s hollow stems can be dried and utilised as tubes in a mason bee dwelling.


C1113 herbalist 14.jpg

Jane Yocum’s favourite herb is garlic. Here she retains a spoiled bulb to look at with the perfect garlic bulb on the plate beneath her.

Garlic is not only one of the best-recognized seasonings, aside from salt and pepper, but it’s also gardener Jane Yocum’s amount a single preferred herb. Its name is Latin for “cultivated onion,” and garlic’s use can be traced back as far as the Egyptian King Tut’s time, circa 1500 BCE. Due to the fact it is of central Asian origin, it must be planted as a bulb all around Columbus Day in central Pennsylvania for harvest in mid-July. Its bright inexperienced stems, acknowledged as “garlic scapes,” correlate with the range of cloves of garlic escalating beneath the surface.

Whilst garlic is developed for its cloves, which need to be remedied in a dry, shady, well-ventilated space for four to 6 months prior to use, its scapes may be slash contemporary and made use of in the very same way as inexperienced onions. Yocum cautioned against making an attempt to expand garlic from the bulbs marketed in grocery merchants, which have been dealt with with expansion retardant.


Rosemary is a further natural favorite of Yocum’s. Its piney fragrance is supposedly the herb that awakened Sleeping Magnificence, and it is a image of remembrance. A tender perennial that should be moved indoors about the winter, rosemary is really an evergreen shrub that is most effective grown from stem cuttings. It can be harvested anytime, by snipping as essential. Rosemary is applied in aromatherapy, potpourri and cosmetics, as properly as for culinary and ornamental uses. Freeze its fresh new leaves in ice dice trays for up to a yr or wrap fresh sprigs in foil and freeze for use inside of a couple months. Yocum claimed that rosemary and sage make incredibly great companion vegetation.


Yocum released patchouli as an herb most valued for its fragrance, which serves as a widespread potpourri and incense ingredient, and also performs effectively as an all-goal insect repellent. Napoleon Bonaparte introduced patchouli to France in the late 1700s when he used it to repel moths from cashmere shawls he introduced again from his North African marketing campaign patchouli-scented shawls turned an immediate hit.

In addition to its pleasantly pungent aroma, patchouli’s brilliant eco-friendly coloration makes it an attractive companion in groupings with other herbs. Yocum proposed adding a fixative like cellulose or coarse salt to patchouli intended for use in potpourri, so its fragrance lasts for a longer time.


Gardener Ellen Lawrence presented lavender, a member of the mint family members, as her major herb alternative. The phrase “lavender” will come from the Latin for “bath,” since lavender lent its fragrance to the general public baths made use of in historical times. Lawrence described that there are 47 species of lavender, all of which are valued for their pleasing aromas utilized in oils, perfumes, cooking, floral preparations and décor.

C1113 herbalist 29.jpg

Ellen Lawrence explains why lavender, sweet basil and wide leaf sage, from still left to appropriate, are her leading a few herbal options.

Lawrence pointed out that lavender is a perennial that prefers a sunny location and really should not be above-watered to stay clear of root rot. It will repay you by serving as a deer deterrent and pest repellent, she explained. Lavender’s various shades of purple bouquets also entice butterflies, bees and other useful insects.


“You can place sweet basil in just about something,” reported Lawrence of yet another natural beloved. Thought of a “royal herb” by historical cultures, basil lends its savor to soups, stews, tomato dishes, meats, herb butters and natural vinegars. In the yard, basil is a superior companion plant with tomatoes, peppers, oregano and asparagus, as it repels hornworms, asparagus beetles, mosquitos and flies. Whilst it is an yearly, basil is effortless to root just by sticking a cutting into drinking water. For culinary use, Lawrence instructed finely chopping basil leaves and freezing them with olive oil in an ice dice tray for including yr-round fresh new basil taste to your cooking.


Lawrence also included broadleaf sage to her favorites checklist. This hardy perennial of the mint household attracts butterflies, bees and birds. It grows nicely with the cabbage family of vegetation, as very well as tomatoes and carrots, since it controls a number of pests that prey on them. Sage is practical as a poultry seasoning, as well as for teas, soups and in bath salts.


Monarda, much better acknowledged as bee balm, is Cathy Boltz’s top herb select. This native American herb has red-hued blooms which, when dried, insert coloration and fragrance to potpourri. Its dried flowers are beautiful additions to bouquets and can also be used to brew tea, utilizing one particular tablespoon of dried petals for every one cup of boiling drinking water. Monarda not only draws in bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, but its fragrance repels lots of insects, so it is a welcome addition to sunny vegetable gardens.


Cathy Boltz then highlighted parsley as a garnish that delivers nutritional vitamins A, C and K, with its curly and flat leaf kinds the most commonly grown. It is most effective made use of clean, but can be chopped, positioned into ice cube trays with drinking water and frozen for later on use. Parsley may also be dried on a tray in an oven that has initial been heated to 120 levels and turned off warmth for 15 minutes, stirring sprigs sometimes, then store in an airtight container absent from light-weight. Cathy implies planting some excess parsley as meals for the black swallowtail caterpillar, which prefers the flat leaf variety.

All 10 of these herbs are flexible winners in the yard, the kitchen and outside of.

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