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Sadye Matula

To the Editor: Re “When Does a Nurse’s Mistake Become a Criminal offense?,” by Daniela J. Lamas (Impression guest essay, Sunday Overview, April 17): Though programs unquestionably need to have to strengthen to protect against professional medical faults, we ought to not overlook just one of the most pertinent contributors […]

To the Editor:

Re “When Does a Nurse’s Mistake Become a Criminal offense?,” by Daniela J. Lamas (Impression guest essay, Sunday Overview, April 17):

Though programs unquestionably need to have to strengthen to protect against professional medical faults, we ought to not overlook just one of the most pertinent contributors to errors that Dr. Lamas alludes to numerous times: “overworked medical doctors and nurses” who are “juggling a number of significant-worry responsibilities.”

Individuals want to have reasonably priced entry to fantastic wellness care. And we want our nurses and doctors to be healthful, very well rested and targeted on us. So why do we be expecting them to consider treatment of so a lot of clients and for these very long several hours? Why do we operate them to their breaking point? The reply: the bottom line.

Of course, we need to have programs checks for all methods. We also need nurses and physicians who have time to hear to and consider our clients, and time to consider diagnostic and therapy programs. For this to occur we will have to quit considering of health and fitness care as a gain producer for coverage organizations, prescription drugs and health care corporations.

We should prioritize human well being, not company prosperity. The wellbeing of all of us is at stake: clients, physicians and nurses.

Nancy Bermon
Nyack, N.Y.
The author is a household doctor and assistant professor at the Center for Family and Local community Medicine, Columbia College.

To the Editor:

As graduate pupils in nursing, we understand multistage checks for medicine safety, executed under the intimidating eyes of our scientific instructors. At my establishment, we check out a coronary heart-rending movie of a father or mother describing the suffering of dropping their youngster to a treatment mistake, an instructional experience that leaves students terrified — at ideal — and extra usually traumatized. We occur to function fatigued from studying and terrified of committing the exact issues that now certainly haunt RaDonda Vaught, the nurse who administered the completely wrong medication and was convicted of negligent homicide.

As Dr. Daniela J. Lamas observed, this terror inculcates an angle of frequent vigilance and individual accountability that exhausts and lessens crucial wondering, as various studies on harmful worry have shown. Still, the medical process has no solution for running the enormous accountability of this job and the want to fail securely as portion of the discovering cycle.

Without having a systemic reaction to properly-documented drivers of healthcare faults and workarounds, this sort of as large affected individual-to-nurse ratios and the inequitable liability for this kind of problems thrust on the registered nurse, we will see far more seasoned nurses go away the discipline.

Mags Hines
Oakland, Calif.
The writer is a college student at the U.C.S.F. University of Nursing.

To the Editor:

Dr. Daniela J. Lamas’s endorsement of far better techniques to cut down clinical faults is proper on target. For illustration, the now universally carried out running space “time out,” a brief pause before the get started of operation to validate that the correct process is about to be performed on the appropriate individual and to allow any one in the functioning area to specific any issues, has tremendously minimized completely wrong-website and other avoidable surgical glitches.

Having said that, there is an additional fact that should be pointed out and strongly emphasized when adjudicating healthcare problems: Health care specialists are human, and wherever people are concerned mistakes will inevitably take place. When human error gets a prison offense, we are all in problems — and not just in the region of health and fitness treatment delivery.

Mitchell Stein
Scarsdale, N.Y.
The author is an ophthalmologist.

To the Editor:

Re “The Unseen Scars of the Remote-Managed Kill” (front webpage, April 17):

The evolution of army weaponry has to turn out to be much more destructive, additional indiscriminate and remotely impersonal. The catchphrase “destroying the enemy’s will to struggle,” typically accompanied by dehumanizing propaganda, grew to become the justification in Earth War II for big-scale destruction of nonmilitary targets and mass killing of noncombatants. It was achievable because it was completed remotely, impersonally.

But drones have designed warfare personal, have humanized the enemy, have challenged the operator’s sense of morality, typically ruined his self-picture, and — in Capt. Kevin Larson’s situation, told in the short article — taken his daily life.

Sadly, we have occur to take it as just a different casualty of war.

K. Neal Snyder
Columbus, Ohio
The author is a retired Air Pressure colonel.

To the Editor:

Re “The Tradition Wars Have Gone Worldwide,” by David Brooks (column, Sunday Critique, April 10):

Immediately after quite a few decades in which pundits have been offering us on globalization’s democratizing magic, it turns out that a great deal of the world is busily rejecting Western values. But this should really appear as no shock.

The entire world is huge. It’s loaded with the range the West promises to value. As globalization improvements, it by natural means adapts to the lifestyle — and the values — of the country embracing it.

To assume that China, for instance, would someway grow to be additional like the West and embrace its democratic values as a response to globalization ignores the electricity of lifestyle and demonstrates a Western bias.

Just because our values have been turned down somewhere does not suggest that globalization is dead. Engineering guarantees that globalization will proceed to progress, but its advance will be independent of our values, and in accordance to the values of the cultures collaborating in its march. The failure of globalization, if there is any, is in the West’s presumption that globalization seem and experience Western.

The irony is that the term “globalization” by itself indicates an embrace of all things and many means, not just the Western way.

Dean Foster
The author is the founder and president of Dean Foster International Cultures, a consulting organization for business enterprise doing work globally.

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