‘Warrior Of Apocalypse’ – Russia’s Fire Breathing ‘HULK Tank’ Spotted That Boasts Stunning Design, Awesome Firepower

Sadye Matula

As the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war exposes the vulnerability of modern day armored autos to anti-tank munitions and drone strikes, a online video has emerged of what appears to be to be an extensive restoration hard work on a Soviet-era major tank, the Object 279. It was seen at the Kubinka […]

As the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war exposes the vulnerability of modern day armored autos to anti-tank munitions and drone strikes, a online video has emerged of what appears to be to be an extensive restoration hard work on a Soviet-era major tank, the Object 279.

It was seen at the Kubinka Tank Museum in the Moscow region, which properties an unmatched assortment of armored motor vehicles from 1917 to the present working day.

The mighty tank can be viewed relocating forward extremely little by little prior to a transient but noisy take a look at operate on the museum grounds.

Even though the information of the restoration function and the time it has taken stay mysterious for now, reviews propose that efforts have been produced to tackle the motor and gear difficulties, as nicely as people associated to the hull and turret, which can be witnessed as partly painted in red primer in advance of a possible entire respray.

This could be the only surviving Object 279 tank everywhere in the earth.

Back again in the 1950s right after the finish of Earth War II, the Soviet Union had produced some of the most extraordinary tank styles which include the Object 279 – thought of the only armored automobile of its time that could withstand the shock waves produced by an atomic bomb.

By the mid-1950s, the Soviet Union already had 4 styles of major tanks, but all of them experienced specific down sides, this sort of as the IS-2 which was outdated the IS-4 was too high priced to manufacture the IS-3 which exhibited inadequate functionality and the T-10 which is not very well guarded in opposition to contemporary anti-tank weapons.

An Object 279 prototype on show at the Kubinka Tank Museum. (Wikimedia Commons)

So, the Principal Armored Directorate of the Soviet Ministry of Defense wanted an ‘ideal weighty tank’ with a mass of no far more than 60 tons and a 130-mm cannon as its main armament that would blend the ideal features of prior versions.

The progress function began in 1957 in the business office of the Leningrad Kirov and Chelyabinsk Tractor Crops, and a few heavy tank prototypes ended up created until finally 1959 which included, “Object 770” from Chelyabinsk, “Object 277” and “Object 279” from Leningrad.

The Object-279 developed by a crew headed by an engineer, L. S. Troyanov, was totally a new and most abnormal development in the record of tank styles.

It featured an unusual undercarriage of 4 sets of tracks divided into two pairs with just about every pair mounted on a longitudinal hollow beam on either side that also acted as a gas tank.

These tracks had been a lot more or significantly less equally spaced underneath the hull to distribute the weight of this hefty tank equally about a massive surface area area and this allowed for a definitely reduced ground stress of around 8.5 kilos for each sq. inch (PSI) as when compared to the American M48 Patton, for instance, that experienced a floor tension of close to 12 PSI.

Object 279
Item 279 (by way of Twitter)

This enabled Object 279 to shift without having problems about swampy, delicate ground, and even throughout tree stumps, unlike other major tanks which were traditionally cumbersome motor vehicles, greatest suited for flat terrain.

The new tank was meant to have armor thickness of 10.6 inches to the entrance and 12.6 inches to the aspect but there was also the weight constraint of 60 tons which led to a incredibly special and impressive armor style that consisted of a cast construction of four significant components of different slope and thickness – ranging from 1.6 to 11.8 inches – connected by welding.

This arrangement will help deflect armor-piercing and formed-cost ammunition, and it was also anticipated to make the tank a great deal significantly less possible to flip around in a nuclear blast.

The hull was surrounded by an additional elliptical protect supposed to bring about large-explosive anti-tank (Warmth) projectiles, which do not count mostly on the kinetic power for penetration.

Driven by a 16-cylinder, 1,000-horsepower diesel engine, the Item 279 is equipped to make a best pace of 34 mph and its array, with a single refueling, is 186 miles.

Deadly Firepower

The armament of the tank consists of a 130mm M-65 rifled gun with 24 rounds of ammunition and a coaxial 14.5mm hefty device gun. The loading of the gun is semi-computerized, supplying a amount of fire of up to 7 rounds per moment.

The gun also has a stabilization method for accurate firing on the shift, allied with an optical rangefinder, automatic guidance system, and a night-sight incorporating an infrared searchlight, some of the point out-of-the-artwork functions for its time period.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=rAJdE3fN-Jo

On the other hand, the style and design was much too abnormal and therefore as well “raw” obtaining many deficiencies these types of as worse than envisioned agility, challenges with its running gear, the complexity of repair and routine maintenance, and the complexity of production plus the impossibility of minimizing the all round peak of the tank.

Also, right after 1960, large tanks began to appear like relics of a preceding age of armored warfare and the medium tanks which have been a lot more agile and faster grew to become more and more have been relied upon on the battlefield

The do the job on Item 279 was halted following Soviet Leading Nikita Khrushchev categorically banned the adoption of any tanks weighing far more than 37 tons in July 1960.

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