What is endometrial hyperplasia? Woman warns of postmenopausal bleeding

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When the irregular bleeding first began, Dr. Jennifer Wargo suspected it was just section of menopause. But right after shelling out her profession in most cancers investigate and treatment method, she decided to chat to a colleagues about it — just to be safe. That conversation led to her health […]

When the irregular bleeding first began, Dr. Jennifer Wargo suspected it was just section of menopause. But right after shelling out her profession in most cancers investigate and treatment method, she decided to chat to a colleagues about it — just to be safe. That conversation led to her health practitioner discovering precancerous cells and managing her early.

At initially, Dr. Jennifer Wargo considered her uterine bleeding was related to menopause, but she checked with her doctor to be harmless.Courtesy Jennifer Wargo

“I experienced uterine bleeding. Do I actually want to broadcast this?” Wargo, a melanoma surgical oncologist and co-leader of the Melanoma Moon Shot, aspect of MD Anderson’s System for Revolutionary Microbiome and Translational Exploration, asked herself. “I essentially did for the reason that persons want to know about this and due to the fact not only are people not aware about it — brushing this off as typical menopause and not receiving addressed — there’s also a lack of funding to study this.”

When indicators turn into worrisome

This winter season, Wargo began enduring heavy bleeding. At to start with, the 51-calendar year-aged believed that ageing caused it. She was perimenopausal and women of all ages at times practical experience some recognizing or irregular intervals as they transition into menopause.

“I have been active doing the job, managing sufferers with cancer, undertaking analysis, and using treatment of the children and started out to have indicators,” she spelled out. “I was like, ‘Maybe this is just usual menopause.’”

But the bleeding continued for a few weeks, then six weeks. As the bleeding grew to become heavier and she began passing clots, Wargo understood that this was not usual. She was shedding so much blood that it impacted her in general wellness. She noticed when she ran with the loved ones puppy, she wasn’t as quickly and turned winded simply.

“I just experienced a feeling that there was something improper,” she said.

Immediately after finding out she had a precancerous problem, Wargo underwent a hysterectomy to treat her condition. So much, there are no indicators of most cancers. Courtesy Jennifer Wargo

What’s additional, she realized that bleeding in menopause can be a “real warning sign.” All as well frequently persons feel spotting during menopause is ordinary and do not talk to their medical doctors about it. When bleeding following menopause can be thanks to thinner tissue of the vagina and vulva, there are other disorders that can bring about bleeding, which includes fibroids and at times cancer, according to the American School of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

“If you have currently gone by means of menopause and you are recognizing, which is a unsafe sign,” Wargo claimed. “Women need to have to go see their physician. They have to have to get an examination and they really need to fork out consideration to that.”

Owing to a loved ones heritage of cancer and her do the job as an oncologist, Wargo knew how necessary early detection is. Fifteen years before, her mother was identified with pancreatic most cancers and died 6 months soon after.

“I achieved out to a close friend of mine who is a surgeon,” Wargo spelled out. “She took me on as a client, did the biopsy in the business office. It didn’t genuinely look that ominous but then she said, ‘You know just to be on the harmless aspect, let us carry you into the running area.’”

After the surgical technique, Wargo acquired her diagnosis: She experienced atypical endometrial hyperplasia, a affliction exactly where the lining of the uterus thickens and can trigger abnormal bleeding. When it’s not cancer, it can direct to greater possibility of endometrial and uterine cancers. It often impacts gals soon after menopause for the reason that they have far too significantly estrogen and are no for a longer period manufacturing progesterone, according to ACOG.

At the time her biopsy uncovered her precancerous ailment, Wargo opted for a total hysterectomy thanks to the increased risk of creating cancer. For the duration of the process, her doctor only identified precancerous cells.

“I individually have not wanted further cure,” Wargo reported. “This is very very likely remedied with surgery and incredibly unlikely to come back again.”

She continue to visits with her physician every single 6 months to make guaranteed there’s no indication of precancerous or cancerous growths.

“That’s the point about this kind of ailment, both precancerous or early cancer, if you catch it early you can be remedied with surgical procedures,” she said.


Becoming a cancer physician did not put together Wargo for grappling with her diagnosis and treatment method.

“It was a little bit of an emotional roller coaster,” she explained. “Here, I am a most cancers surgeon, cancer researcher at the No. 1 most cancers middle, going through cancer myself. It was definitely terrifying with a few younger young children and that thought of what takes place if anything occurs throughout the surgical procedure, or I do have sophisticated cancer? How do I prepare for that?”

Even however she was scared, Wargo continue to manufactured an appointment to see her health practitioner. That aided her health care provider find her problem before and avoid it from probably progressing into cancer. Courtesy Jennifer Wargo

But she was proactive about her well being even when she felt fearful. Wargo hopes her experience encourages many others to undergo their regular cancer screenings, this kind of as pap smears, mammograms, PSA tests and mole checks.

“People should not be frightened. I can inform you that I was terrified, totally, mainly because of what I have found with my mom, what I have viewed with my individuals,” Wargo explained. “I was absolutely terrified, but I was also definitely fueled by recognizing that I desired to do something simply because if I waited it could have been considerably even worse.”

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