What Type Of Doctor Will Ncuti Gatwa Be? Top 9 Reddit Theories

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Table of Contents 9 The Funny Type8 The Eccentric Type7 The Charismatic Type6 The “Zero F***s Given” Type5 The Youthful Type4 The Well-Dressed Type3 The Mischievous Type2 The Well-Written Type1 The Type That Makes History Ncuti Gatwa was announced as the next incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who, and his first companion […]

Ncuti Gatwa was announced as the next incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who, and his first companion has been confirmed as Yasmin Finney, and Russell T. Davies has been dropping hints about the 60th anniversary (including confirmed appearances from David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and Bernard Cribbins) left, right and center.

Fans have taken to Reddit to excitedly speculate on the type of Doctor that Gatwa will bring to the screen, with the general mood being positive and optimistic for the show’s future. Many of the traits discussed are reminiscent of the Doctor’s previous incarnations, but some express hopes for a change that will refresh the character and the long-running sci-fi series.


9 The Funny Type

ncuti gatwa next to a doctor who tardis floating in space

As demonstrated by his depiction of Eric Effiong in Netflix’s Sex Education, Gatwa knows how to land a joke and demonstrate comedic timing. Funniness is an element that has been utilized by writers and actors playing the Doctor in varying degrees over the years, and Gatwa is likely to amp this up.

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User Syncharmony says, “It’s really funny […] watching the characterization of Eric on the show and sort of superimposing the mental thought of it being the Doctor over it. Like, the banana scene in the second episode… I was laughing quite hard knowing that was a Timelord giving such instruction.”

8 The Eccentric Type

Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa Daleks

Every Doctor has brought something different to the role, but one thing that has always remained a constant is the character’s eccentric nature. In his personal and professional lives, eccentricity is not something that Gatwa lacks, with the energy he brings to his roles indicating what is to come for this incarnation of the Gallifreyan.

Syncharmony  believes that Gatwa “oozes Doctor energy” and credits this to his “eccentric wardrobe […] electric acting [and] emotive range.”

7 The Charismatic Type

Ncuti Gatwa as Eric in Sex Education

Taking the helm on a character that has been a household name for six decades is an undeniably daunting feat. The regeneration scene is famously a moment for the new Doctor to showcase themselves, tease what is in store for the character, and to win over viewers who might still be clinging to the last incarnation.

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User HologiLion believes Gatwa will easily pull it off, because “He’s just so incredibly charismatic, energetic and immediately likable.”

6 The “Zero F***s Given” Type

split image of the lone cyberman and sycrorax doctor who ncuti gatwa

It is easy to imagine Gatwa’s Doctor joking around and going off on excitable tangents one minute, then the next, snapping back at a dangerous alien with a classic Eric-esque quip or flying off the handle at someone for not washing their hands. These are characteristics of the Doctor that Gatwa has already demonstrated in previous works.

User OllyDaMan says, “[Gatwa] has the exact right kind of zero f***s given/outrageous and sometimes hilariously nonsensical out there vibes/nature the Doctor has always had.”

5 The Youthful Type

Ncuti Gatwa doctor who instagram announcement of two red hearts a plus sign and a blue box

Although Matt Smith still wears the crown for the youngest actor to play the Doctor (he was twenty-six when first cast), Gatwa (twenty-nine) will help reintroduce the series to a younger audience. His Sex Education fame and huge social media following, particularly on Instagram, will certainly contribute towards achieving this.

MedievalHoneyCake says, “[It] Feels like the right move to have a younger Doctor again, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s coming from a show with a huge following, Doctor Who desperately needs some of that again.”

4 The Well-Dressed Type

Doctor who jodie whittaker Ncuti Gatwa Is NOT The Fourteenth Doctor

Settling into a new style is a significant part of the regeneration process for the Doctor. The look becomes just as iconic as the character itself, as is the case with Tom Baker’s scarf, Christopher Eccelston’s leather jacket, and David Tennant’s trench coat

Syncharmony admits that Jodie Whittaker’s “adolescent” wardrobe let her Doctor down, but says optimistically, “I think with Gatwa, we’ll definitely see a lot of different looks! Restrained and dapper to wild and colorful. I think it’ll be very playful.”

3 The Mischievous Type

An image of Ncuti Gatwa standing in front of a Tardis

The Doctor is the sort of person (or, rather, alien) to stir up trouble simply because they are bored. This kind of mischievous energy has already been picked up on by fans who have been delving into Gatwa’s back catalog in light of the announcement.

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Syncharmony says, “One thing that I like most about him is that he has that mischievous twinkle in his eyes, which is part and parcel of a good doctor. The vibe that if he’s left alone in a room with a big red button that says ‘Do Not Push,’ there’s 0{0b665730f5e195e56f45088ce75c7e365ca1afa067b6c9c0bf555aa77d6d2cfa} chance of that button not being pushed, damn the consequences.”

2 The Well-Written Type

Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa and Past Doctors

Russell T. Davies was the Doctor Who showrunner for five years but took a step back in 2010. Already a fan favorite ten years ago, it is hoped that Davies’ time away will have strengthened him as a writer, so that he can help revitalize the show and its leading role.

User Key_Personality_6977 says, “Ncuti […] under RTD could be one of the greatest pairings the history of the show could ever have.” About the pairing, HologiLion says, “They could make the coming era one of the greates in Who-History and I really have hope that they not only pull it off, but knock it out of the park right from the get-go!”

1 The Type That Makes History

Ncuti Gatwa Doctor Who Vortex

For most of his life, the Doctor has benefitted from white male privilege while on earth and when visiting historical locations. Many fans believe that the change should not be ignored and writers should now tackle some real-life issues that relate to the Doctor’s new identity and appearance.

User Akinto6 proposes that the new Doctor has at least a subtle encounter with racism, just as the “The Witchfinders” (Episode 8, Season 11) touched on sexism. They say, “Racism is something that has been overlooked a bit in Doctor Who in favor of it being a light-hearted show, but [Russell T. Davies] should definitely address it a bit more now that we have a Black Doctor.”

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